Recovery Day

Yesterday’s trip out with Missus was fantastic. We spent all day at an amusement park without the kids. I had bought food and wine sampler tickets for the two of us, so we walked around the park eating and drinking all day. The weather was fantastic, it actually started raining toward the afternoon around the time we needed to be leaving anyways. We passed through a monsoon on the way home, and continued our party well into the morning. I’ve been lazing around the house and have already decided that I’m not going to be productive at all today.

ETH hit a new ATH and BTC is back up above $60k. There doesn’t seem to be much of a catalyst but I’m not complaining. My FLI position is doing nicely, but so much of my funds are locked up in yield farms right now, I’m not really exposed to anything else that’s doing remarkably well.

I’ll probably spend some time on BSC when I finally drag my ass upstairs to my workstation. I found a list of new pools that I’ll probably ape into, my experiments so far have been going well, so I may extend my activities a bit more and see how things go. I’m probably going to add to my ALCX position as well on the ETH side. I’m not going to be adding any fiat to my positions for the foreseeable future, I’ve got to pay for yesterday’s adventure, as well as the Miami tickets, and by the time June 1 rolls around I won’t have any fresh fiat rolling in at all. So I’ve got to be real tight with funds and get my but in gear.

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