More insomnia

I woke up at 3AM this morning, cold, and have spent the last four hours trying to sleep or trying to do something. I got out of bed and did some reading and coding, went back to bed, moved beds, made tea, meditated, went back to sleep. My brain is a mess, it can’t stop thinking about crypto.

I’m very close to finishing my report on my stablecoin yield farming. It’s over three thousand words now, and I’ve still got more to write. Another hour ought to do it, and maybe another to pare it down and edit. I hope to have it done tonight, then I’ll be free to start working on the project for SetProtocol.

I get my second Pfizer shot today at 3PM, so who knows whether I’ll be in any shape to get work done after that though. I’ll probably just plop my ass on the couch and watch Korra with the girls.

I came to the conclusion that I’ve spread my positions too thin. I was going through my bookmarks on BSC and couldn’t figure out why I was missing some coins. Apparently I had missed a migration on Blizzard.Finance, and had to go through several steps to withdrawal LP, convert it and restake it. And at some point yesterday I heard LINK was at an ATH, and remembered that I’ve got several thousand dollars worth locked up on Mushrooms.Finance that I can’t even pull cause I’m out of gas. Whoops. But the main concern is that I’ve got wallets and funds scattered all over the place, and I don’t even remember where half of it is at. Zapper is good and all, but it’s still missing a good portion of what I have. And if something should happen to me then missus is going to be in a load of trouble. I’m not even sure she can unlock the hardware wallets. She’s definitely going to need help figuring out what I have locked away.

So I went through and started another spreadsheet to try to get an accurate number of what assets I actually have available. I came up with about thirty percent more than what Zapper is accounting for: Bancor, Mushroom, Ellipsis, mStable, ForceDAO, Integral, and MUG, as well as the Honeyswap LP on xDAI. It’s good to have an accurate count, but keeping all these things up to date is proving cumbersome. I have got to figure out how to do it on chain.

I’m still fascinated by the prospect of using eth-brownie as a DeFi management tool. I really need to figure out how to automate my operations in DeFi, and I’ve been really held back with some of the things I want to do as I haven’t figured out how to interact with contracts. I really want to figure out how Yearn vaults work, mainly how their strategies are set. And looking at some of the things these devs are doing just blow me away, I really want to do more. Harvesting and restaking operations on my various BSC farms is probably the first thing I would focus on since it’s just repetitive. I was trying to experiment with some of these ideas this morning, but my tools are all jacked up. Issues with Pyenv/Pipenv and Brownie in my IDE. More stuff for me to work out later, I suppose.

I’m happy that by brain is focusing on these things in my sleep now. I woke up scheming of ways that I can leverage lending platforms to farm more effectively, and dreaming about smart contract cross-chain compatibility. I’ve got ideas, but I’ve got a lot more research to do. I don’t think this would be happening if I wasn’t closing the door on Zombie, LLC, and the last twenty years of my career. It’s exciting. I told a couple clients that I was retiring, they probably think I’m crazy when I start telling them to buy Bitcoin. It’s not me, it’s the rest of the world that is.

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