Airplane crashes

Yesterday was Younger’s “board meeting”. I took her out for cheeseburgers and milkshake, which we ate at the park next to a peacock, (yes, really,) then to Cold Stone for ice cream, then to her Momos’, then the dollar store so she could by a bunch of candy and cheap toys. She really loved it.

After I had a nap I spent the afternoon watching videos and talks about airplane crashes. Yes really.

I came across this Gitcoin bounty via Twitter, it’s funded by RAI, (like DAI but for ETH,) and they want someone to create a smart contract that manages a CDP and a Yearn strategy.

Following after that are a couple example contracts to help get people started. It points to the eth-brownie Yearn strategy mix, which I’ve looked at before, but haven’t been able to wrap my head around yet. I really want to figure out how to build one of these, so that I can automate something of my own. I’m hoping I’ll be able to dig into this stuff at some point soon. I don’t have any illusions about being able to get something done before next month, but I want desperately to figure out how this stuff works. I get the basic idea behind it, but for some reason I think it’s critical for me to be able to understand this from a technical level.

I am trying to stay somewhat focused, so I spent some more time trying to figure out how to use Brownie to manage my own positions. I was poking around in and their Github, trying to figure out how it works. For those that aren’t familiar, vfat has a number of yield farms available through it. It connects to a user’s wallet, inventories their deposits and the pool’s APY, and gives back a report on how much they’re earning. I’m trying to figure out how it works. There are several dozen pools listed there, and they’ve got several side chains listed there, and I thought it might be a good source of alpha, so I put a notification on any new pull requests so I can check out what’s going on. They recently added AVAX pools, and I may have to spend more time poking around on it. I’ve got a few hundred in AVAX tokens, so might as well put them to use while the going is hot.

Off to it.

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