Summer’s almost gone

I spend a lot of my reading. Most of it, in fact. I work in tech, so I’m usually always in front of a screen. I’m usually looking up things in a web browser, coding in an IDE. And when I take a break from the screen I’m usually with a book or a magazine in front of me. I spend a great deal of time on Medium and Twitter. (I gave up Facebook a long time ago.) I have several magazine subscriptions, and enjoy bringing my kids to the library weekly, where I’ll often snag a book or two from the twenty-five cent shelf, much to my wife’s dismay. In spite of the minimizing that we’re doing, books and magazines are the one exception that I’ve allowed myself.

This blog has been through so many iterations, and has been around for so long, that I think blogrolls were still a thing when we first started doing it. I’ve thought about adding one back to the sidebar, links to a few of the magazines and the podcasts that I ‘consume’ regularly. I’ve also considered adding reviews of the magazines, or at least a highlight of each issue. We’ll see how that goes.

I haven’t written about politics in some time. It’s been 8 weeks since the last election, and my withdrawal from the space has been pretty absolute. Besides my other normie Twitter account, I’ve managed to stay out of things completely for the past month and a half. I think that may be changing soon. I could care less about this November’s elections, and I’ve already been contacted by a candidate for next spring’s city council race that would like my help. Frankly, I’ve been enjoying not having to worry about my schedule so much that I’m not sure I want to go back to it anytime soon.

My schedule will be getting crazy very soon. School starts back up and I’ll have two classes added on to work, family, and the various side projects. I’ve got 3 weeks to wrap things up and make room on my plate to focus on that. Given how chill things have been lately, I’m going to have to drop something if I’m to maintain the same level of zen.

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