Sixty four thousand

So the day has pretty much been a waste. Stayed up to late last night and paid the price. It’s four in the afternoon and I’m just now writing; that should tell you all you need to know about how today has gone. Blew off work.

The big news was undoubtedly the Coinbase listing. It took so long to actually start trading, I took a nap after I got tired of hitting refresh on my brokerage account, waiting. I put in a $300 bid with 2% of my portfolio thinking that it was going to debut at $250. It launched at $333, traded up to $430 and back down to $310 at one point, so my order expired. The rest of my portfolio got crushed. I was down about 10% today. Even bitcoin is back at $62k. Absolutely brutal.

So yesterday, besides doing my regular farming activities on BSC, I also took advantage of a special deal with Zerion and Index Coop and bought some DPI for 5% back in $INDEX. Today, Aave launched on Polygon, so I transferred some wBTC over there for a 30% APY paid out in $MATIC tokens. I also bought some Balancer tokens after reading this:

Rune’s AsgarDEX has also launched, so I’ll be taking a look at that to see if it’s something that I can do with my actual BTC. I’d like to put some of it to work if possible, instead of just letting it sit around in a hardware wallet somewhere. I’ll be doing more research on this later.

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