Game on!

Well, I pulled a late night an managed to get the Star Atlas NFT pool proposal completed. I even managed to stick it on a Gitbook instance, and then I went ahead and wrote the Phase 0 instructions, with links on how to set up Metamask, add xDAI, and put up a Google Form to collect submissions. I went to bed exhausted and slept like a baby. Woke up this morning and had five responses on the form, but it only seems that a couple of them managed to get screenshots posted. I’ll start sorting addresses later today, might even peek at them on Ethereum if I’m nosy.

Bitcoin is absolute garbage today, and just broke under $50k. ETH hit an ATH and is looking strong. I had a phone call with my brokerage yesterday, and should get my next tranche of funds disbersed to AltoIRA today. I’m not sure if there’s going to be time to ACH transfer funds from there to my bank and wire to the exchange on Saturday, I’ll probably be looking at Monday or Tuesday.

I’m going to need to buy some SOL. I’ve been reading through the Solana docs yesterday and am kicking myself for getting stopped out of that swing trade several months ago. That’s the way things go. It’s still relatively cheap, given where I think it’s headed, so I’m gonna start dollar cost averaging in and put a full risk allocation in as soon as I’m able. And I’m really going to have to find some time to learn Rust and figure out how to write programs on Solana. It is a very different beast than Ethereum at its core, and is going to take some real work to understand it.

I’m just going stream of consciousness here, so I’ll roll with it. Someone in the Homebrew Discord tipped me off to a new Runescape-type game that will be launching with NFT support on Binance Chain. It’s called Mist.

Looks promising, although they didn’t sell out their IDO. I bought $40 worth of tokens and staked them for LP, cause I figure it’ll be worth playing with Elder when it comes out. She made me play one of these tycoon games on Roblox and I’ve never seen anything more mindless, so this looks like it it might be an interesting alternative.

Last thing. One of our clients is a Navy warfare command. We’ve been managing their non-classified network for several years. Last summer I got called in by NCIS to provide information on a phishing attack against one of the users on the site. (We don’t manage their workstations.) Apparently he clicked on something he shouldn’t have and then they used his account to try and mess with someone they shouldn’t have. I got called in for an interview and spoke to an investigator for a few hours. It was no big deal, and I figured the issue was resolved.

Then yesterday, I’m cutting the grass and ge a call from Bossman. Apparently the NCIS just rolled up in the client’s office and pulled the server out without any explanation other that “counterterrorism investigation”. So that happened. I assume they needed it for forensics (good luck with that), but they way they left the client down like that is some kind of next-level asshole stuff. I’ve got backups of the server VMs? Am I supposed to spin it up or is there some sort of malware that I’m supposed to know about? I swear. I’ve still got to clean this up this AM.

I’d much rather deal with wrangling people in daos than having to deal with crap like this. Retirement awaits.

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