Not doing tech support

So, flurry of activity the last twenty-four hours. I managed to convince the Interstellar Alliance’s hegemon to sign off on the dao, and we’ve already got about 30 applications signed up. It’s pretty exciting. Lift.Kitchen just launched their LP event, and I staked the minimum needed for the longest amount of time to get the biggest bonus with the smallest stake possible. They’re having a bit of a problem with their accredited investor attestation, but I managed to stake funds manually using Etherscan. So far so good.

I drove the fam up my father-in-law’s last night and spent some time chatting with him about everything. It must be exhausting talking to me, cause I was a motormouth, trying to talk about everything going on with SAIA Dao and everything else. I helped him move some tools from one of his properties, and was just struck by how gorgeous it is out here in the mountains. Completely beautiful.

We met the girls at a Chinese buffet for lunch and pigged out, then took the kids to the playground for twenty minutes. They’re watching TV and all the adults are laying in bed. I wasn’t able to do my regular morning routine first thing this AM, but I made sure to get my meditation in and wanted to jot a few notes down to keep the habit going.

The Star Atlas rewards are looking pretty fantastic, and I think people are pretty excited about it. I’m going to go see if the rewards are live and test whether I can purchase them using the Gnosis Vault that I set up yesterday. (Eth gas fees are under sixty right now, I can’t believe it.) The IA team is working on a tokenomics proposal, so that seems like it’s going to be interesting to develop that with them. What I’m really looking forward to though is getting some Solana tokens and poking around to see what I can find in the Atlas Co. programs. I might be able to do some poking around, and try to see if I can ID any developer wallets and do some corporate espionage, maybe a little bit of grey hat stuff.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to learn enough Solana and enough about the game system that will be able to automate the mining and resource gathering stuff. It will be a huge advantage for the Alliance if I we can build one of these ‘efficiency algorithms”.

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