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This is now a Star Atlas stan blog

Well, I’m pretty proud of myself. I managed to go out of town with the kids for two nights, and I somehow still managed to stick to the meditating and writing. The last couple times I’ve gone out I’ve had trouble sticking to the routine, so it feels good to keep the streak going. Onward and upward.

SAIA Dao seems to be moving on it’s own. We’ve got an influx of new member proposals coming through, and there’s intense discussion about structure and tokenomics. I’m doing a bit of infrastructure work, mainly trying to demonstrate how proposals should flow through the system.

I’m working on one now to allow funding to proceed. I spent some time yesterday putting together a draft proposal. It starts out with a low funding level, $100, with a 1000% share bonus, this incentivises early participants while ensuring that people with less capital available at the start. For week 2, the bonus drops and the capital limit goes up. I’m still playing with the numbers and playing around with the variables. I’m trying to test edge cases to make sure that these early incentives won’t deplete a significant portion of funds if a whale want to join at a later date.

It’s pretty intense right now, I’m connecting with so many new people, and some of them have pretty impressive backgrounds. I’ve been talking to potential investors from all over the world: Singapore, Australia, Central Europe, and some place called New England; people that have been in crypto way longer that me, Solana devs. It’s exciting.

It feels like this has already become one of my obsessions, and I’m wondering how long it’s going to last before it burns out. It’s not even about the game, to be honest, but the opportunity to build something. Maybe it’s the desire to prove myself. I haven’t gotten the sense that I’m being egotistical about this, more that I’m trying to build something and prove that it works. I didn’t build DaoHaus or Gnosis, or Star Atlas, but putting these pieces together in a certain way with fifty or two hundred people and proving that it works would be an accomplishment for me. I think maybe that’s what I’m trying to prove.

The Lift.Kitchen launch was Saturday as well, and I helped out over there for a bit and have been harassing their founder during the run up. He sent me a request to do an interview for a Medium article that they want to write. Some of the sample questions he asked:

  • How blockchain can improve the human experience?
  • How gamification is impacting defi\crypto?
  • How the world of crypto and philanthropy will intersect?

I’m not sure how I felt when I got the message. It felt, weird. Maybe it’s a bit of imposter syndrome to an extent, and my initial reaction was to say no. I didn’t though. They asked if I had a bio that they could use, and now I feel like I’m being asked to write a resume. I’m wondering if this might be an opportunity to doxx myself a bit. It somehow feels like a big ask. I’m not sure those questions are ones that I can expound upon extemporaneously, so I think some prep work will be necessary. This is likely some sort of test. I’ve half-jokingly threatened to come work for Lift.Kitchen, since most of the team has only been in the crypto space for six months or so. And hell, they did just raise $1.3m during this Genesis launch.

I’ve got five weeks left with work. Five more Mondays, as technically I told my boss June 1 was my last day. And I’ve promised SetProtocol some more work today. And my dad is having open heart surgery next week, and summer break is coming up. There’s just too much going on for me to think about jumping straight into another job. There are too many opportunities. I just hope I’m not passing them up.

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