Evening pages

Well, where to begin?

Went to bed on time last night, and got woken up at two AM because one of the kids had an accident for the second night in a row… at least it was only one of them this time. I let Missus handle it, but I wound up waking up at 3AM with my mind racing. Took a melatonin and tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Finally got up to meditate around five and caught some sleep before my dad came over. I had to take him into the hospital.

He’s getting open heart surgery next Monday, and they wanted to check him out for a bypass before they open him up. I wound up having to drive him in with both the girls in the back seat as Missus needed the car and I didn’t want to bug the neighbors for a sitter. We dropped him off and came home, then World War III broke out. First Younger, after I caught her sneaking a cookie, and then Elder at lunch after I called her out for having an attitude and got into a power struggle over lunch. I swear, I thought the girl was possessed. By the time Missus got back at two I was such a wreck, so I took a nap and went for another hour and a half drive to pick my dad up. He only needs one bypass, thankfully.

Of course during the day I’m chatting with the Interstellar Alliance core team, trying to figure out everyone’s agendas and trying to keep us from getting into a situation where things could get out of control later. It’s a precarious balancing act with everyone’s egos, including mine, but so far everyone seems to be getting along.

My working hypothesis is that launching a successful dao is all about balancing power. We launched with fifty people, and we’ve got twenty four membership proposals working through it now, I think five or six of those might be for the week one, hundred dollar buy in, so I think we’re doing ok. The dao system is a bit technically complex, but we’ve only had a few problems, and I think the documentation that I’ve written has helped out a lot.

The mechanics of the NFT purchases for Star Atlas are going to prove to be a bit more challenging. I opened a Gnosis vault a few days ago, and was able to use it to purchase the first NFT on OpenSea today. There was a quite a bit of overhead in gas, so I wound up paying double for the $64 poster, and I haven’t even moved it off of OpenSea yet. We’re definitely not going to want to use Eth mainnet if we can help it, but it doesn’t seem like the Solana tools have been built out yet. Multisig only seems to be available if you have a Ledger, and several IA core team members are going to have to buy them before we can proceed with it.

It’s definitely going to be cheaper to do things on Solana, but we’ve got a ways to go before we can operate in any full capacity within it. While it’s a super impressive project, and the more I learn about it the more bullish I feel; it just doesn’t have the core tools that Ethereum has. Maybe I can help change that, but I’ve got to get up to speed, fast.

Bossman called me and invited me to lunch Friday. He said he wants to “pick my brain,” I’m wondering if it’s going to be more like an exit interview or if he’s going to try to make me a partner or something. I don’t think there’s anything he can offer me that will make me change my mind. There’s too much opportunity at stake here.

This is the first time I’ve written evening pages in a while, but this morning I was too much of a wreck to get it done. Hopefully tomorrow is back to normal.

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