Pressure building

I have got to take better care of myself. Got a bit loose last night, watching TV and drinking till 12:30 AM. This morning was a bit rough and I had to take a nap this afternoon. I still managed to get a lot done.

My primary focus was getting this SAIADao proposal in. The negotiation was pretty intense but I think I have something together that everyone will be happy with. Basically we’re buying a wallet full of Star Atlas Rebirth rewards for shares in the dao, and we had to come up with a valuation for some rather expensive, illiquid assets. So much going on there.

I’m late writing because I’ve been glued to the computer since eight this evening as part of a gear sale they’re doing as part of their GAO event. I’m not going to write too much alpha here right now, but we should be able to automate the listing of new releases straight to our data collector and dex front end. It’s going to take some work to build it out but ooh yea it’s going to be nice.

There’s a hundred other things I could write up but I am tired and going to bed. I need to work out tomorrow and have some very important things I need to get done.


Today has been absolutely insane. I think I raised close to $100k today, a third of that are “intentions to” but it’s just been crazy. I spent most of this morning dealing with Discord proposals, taking money from people left and right. I had to take a few calls, including one person who does “economic modeling” for a living. Tokenomics: CHECK. I also spoke to an old school cryptographer last night who is pulling some strings to get me some help with the dex work. Absolutely fantastic.

Things are moving really fast. I met with a VC group today, their main concerns were legal structure, multisig, and documentation. So we’re pretty well aligned there.

I’m definitely feeling the pressure. I think I’ve figured out how we can scale funding up to where we need to go, there’s just a lot of other pieces that need to come together. I am going to have to delegate a lot of this stuff, so it’s all about finding people that I can trust to handle things for me. I’m obviously not going to be able to do all the technical stuff that I’m trying to do — let alone half of it — plus the management side of things.

Lost my train of thought, Discord message ping ping ping ping ping.

Had another convo with someone I’ve known a short time, remarking on the fact that I’m anon and that people are sending me these large amounts of money with barely a five minute exchange over Discord. It’s all about trust, he said. Yea, it is. And social proof. It’s just amazing that after grinding and grinding and grinding it seems like it starting to come together.

Solana, Beached

Wow, what a day.

So I’m out of spreadsheet hell and got the dao update posted today. It was a lot of work but I think I can live with the results.

Solana was down all day. It came back up an hour ago but prevented me from working on the dex.

Had a couple calls today. One NFT OG that’s going in deep in SAIA dao, another with a really big geek that I’m just in awe of. This space is fantastic. We might be close to securing a Commander ship, and the structure that we put in place might allow us to go for a Titan. Oh, I wish.

I also managed to get some yard work done. Dug out the edging on the flowerbed and cut the grass. Not too bad for someone that got woken up by the girls at five AM.

Watched Ragnarok season 1 finale and started Y: The Last Man last night. Probably going to hit another episode and go to bed.

Tomorrow I hope to focus on the dex. If I can get that running it should print money.

Spreadsheet king

One of these days I’m really going to have to figure out pivot tables.

I spent most of my day working through member contribution proposals for SAIADao, trying to figure out exactly what we’ve done with our membership scheme. I really messed things up a bit the last two weeks without knowing what I was doing. I think I got things cleared up a bit, so I’m going to give it a day for dao members to look it over and chime in before we start accepting additional members. We raised over $45 thou in the last ten days.

I spoke with a Russian software entrepreneur this morning. Apparently he’s one of the four pre-sale SAFT Rebirth participants. He had put together a price dashboard for SA NFTs and I had seen some of the screenshots floating around and I wanted to find the person that did them so I could pick their brain. I didn’t realize that I would meet up with one of the biggest SA whales in the space. Things are so crazy.

I also spoke to my domestic VC and went over the challenges that I’m having with the plan. He’s putting me in touch with a capital group that should help me be able to help me tighten things up and allow us to scale fundraising.

One of the common themes I’m hearing is that people have assets that they need managed. Great, you just bought a couple hundred thousand of SA assets and you don’t have time to put them to use. What you do? You call BCM and we’ll handle it.

Things are pretty exciting.

Personally, I managed to get in a workout this morning, and went right to it after I took Elder to the bus stop. I was busy till she got home. I think I took a five minute break to chill and spent twenty minutes playing piano, but the rest of the time was on Discord or Google Sheets. I was able to delegate some lesser things today, so that was good.

This evening I managed to get a coat of stain on the main deck floor boards. That took ninety minutes then I cooked dinner. The kids didn’t want to help clean so I told them to go to their rooms, watched Last Week Tonight then finished cleaning up and took a shower. I feel like I’m working non-stop. Missus probably thought I was dicking around all day, she doesn’t even know how much I’m doing right now.

The only downside today was that I didn’t get enough time to focus on our Serum dex, but I’m hoping I can get to that right after I hit PUBLISH.

Evening notes

It’s been a busy twenty-four hours.

I stayed up till four in the morning binge watching Ragnarok on Netflix. It started off pretty good but seems to be dragging on. It’s not quite Dark, but it’ll do for sci-fi/fantasy.

I wound up getting up after nine, just in time to do my weekly Perpetual funding management. This week was much better than the last two, closing in on my previous nine to five was bringing in. I rolled the positions into additional longs, keeping my liquidation price under $19,000 BTC and $1800 ETH. I’m glad I didn’t get to crazy when we were at $52k, and almost wish I had taken some profits. The drop erased over twenty thou in profit, but I haven’t really been concerned about it too much.

I didn’t do much work on our Someone left me a Discord message that an existing exchange has already listed Star Atlas NFTs complete with price data. So that was a bit depressing, but I’m determined to push forward and build one with the support of the guild. Work will continue this week.

First though, I need to finish the deck. I made another trip to the hardware store today to pick up railings for the porch. I had to cut them at a 45-degree angle by hand with a miter box, and I’ll admit it’s a horrible job. But all the balusters are in place now and I’ve started staining. I ran out of sunlight though, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue work in the morning if it doesn’t rain. If I can finish the first coat in the morning, I might be able to put the second on in the evening and finally be done with the project.

A parenting note: Missus has decided that enough is enough and that she’s going to be bad cop. She’s tired of our kids being the worst kids among our social circle. Ours our disrespectful and defiant, and I’ve been losing my minds the past few weeks. Now it seems it’s open season on spankings here in the house. The kids think they can just tell us ‘no’ when we ask them to do something and just do whatever they want. Not any more.

Up up up

I just barely remembered to do today’s update, it’s 10PM and I’ve had a busy day.

Work continues on the Star Atlas DEX. I’ve made progress, but we’re still having problems with trades and settlement, and I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of trying to deploy the site to Github pages using actions, trying to abstract out development and production environment variables. It’s a mess.

I’m still really optimistic though, I’m really close to having a feature complete Star Atlas marketplace. Michael Wagner, the CEO of Star Atlas even reiterated the idea of having independent DEXs at yesterday’s townhall. He said something to the effect that “since we’re using Serum’s decentralized orderbook, anyone will be able to stand up their own front end and allow people access to Star Atlas’s assets.”

We hear you Mike, we hear you.

Personally, I was also busy around the house. My never-ending deck project is closer to completion, I cleared the main deck and washed it down from top to bottom in preparation for staining tomorrow. I even cut a few balusters that needed replacing. I took Younger out with me to the store, and took her and her bestie to the beach for an hour today while Elder was out with her bestie for a birthday dinner. Tomorrow I need to stain the main deck boards.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to get this DEX stood up, but I’ve got investors interested now, and the dao is growing. With any luck we’ll be the Yield Guild of Star Atlas soon. The upside here is so huge.


Well today was a good day, I actually managed to sleep more than six hours today. I think the insomnia and mood swings I’ve been having the last few days might be due to alcohol withdrawals. I have been drinking a lot lately, starting with our week at the beach and culminating with the Labor Day weekend. I’ve been drinking this evening, so we’ll see if I sleep tonight and wake up with a headache.

We managed to snag a Calico Guardian last night. I found out what the MSRP was on it and placed a lowball bid and managed to score one in the first minute, practically at list. It was pretty sweet.

I did more work on our dex, orders started working, so now I just need to figure out why settlement doesn’t work then we can publish and hopefully start raking in the fees. The dao raised over twelve grand today, including one contribution for ten grand. It’s amazing how much money is in crypto. Speaking of which, I estimated that Atlas Co. raised over nine million selling those two hundred Guardians. It’s amazing how much they’re minting.

Good work

Yes, I am still completely exhausted, and going at one hundred percent. I didn’t have too much trouble sleeping last night, but Younger woke me up at three in the morning and it was game over. I laid around until six and went for a three mile jog in a light drizzle just before dawn. It was rough, but I pushed hard at the end and didn’t stop the entire run. What more can I ask for.

I got access to the Trading View library and was off to the races. I managed to get serum-dex-ui working locally with chart, and just finished getting it running on an AWS instance an hour or two ago. There are issues with orders and settlement that need to be resolved, but I’m really pleased with myself.

The dao got more members today as well, and I just placed a very low bid for a capital ship for over $31,000. It’s just at the low end of the leaked price, so I’m just going to let the order come to me. If it sells out, eh, no big deal, there will be more in the coming weeks. So I’ll go upstairs and watch the charts for a few more minutes, see if it sells out and hopefully, get the first good night’s sleep in days.

Humming along

Well at the risk of sounding repetitive: what a crazy day.

Still had trouble sleeping last night and slept on the couch, just enough time to get Elder to the bus stop, then it was Star Atlas Star Atlas Star Atlas. Missus went to work and I had six glorious hours to do work uninterrupted. I was busy.

I managed to work out, I figured I needed to do it to burn off some of this energy that’s had me manic and insomniatic these last few days. I was at my desk by nine, roaring to get busy.

We were able to do a successful test and sent an NFT to and from the multisig. We are ready to start transferring assets out of the hot wallet. I think I’ll sleep easier once the posters and rewards badges are out of there. I had a voice call with the hegemon of IA, Kristian, and got up to speed on what he’s been gathering from the Star Atlas team, that definitely helped, and then I had another call from a guy that’s helping me with the technical side of things.

Then it was a lot of time on Discord, answering questions about dao membership and so forth. We had several new members, so I was busy. We also got access to a new dao system built on Solana — it’s devnet, so nothing to talk about yet.

I got a lot done before two when I had to pick up Elder from the bus stop. Got there early and wound up giving a long monologue about what I do for a living.

Tomorrow will be busy, the GAO resumes with four drops (Guardian!) and there’s supposed to be this drop for something called Fewmans tomorrow. We’ll see if I can manage to snag them or if they don’t sell out in one block. They’re free, but there will be a gas fight, and I haven’t figured out how much trouble I’m going to go through to get it.

Overall, things are really going good right now on the business end, I’m making lots of contacts and getting lots of stuff built out. Family wise, the adjustment to school and a new schedule has been really difficult. The kids really don’t like the half hour of screen time, but we’ll adjust if they can maintain things like we did during the summer. God help me.

Back to school

What a absolutely crazy day.

First off I couldn’t sleep last night, I was thinking about SAIADao and couldn’t turn my brain off. I don’t think it was anxiety, might have been one of my pills that I took before bed. Maybe niacin. Anyways I was up until almost two AM, going back and forth between bed and the couch. I tried meditating. Finally passed out and woke up just in time to throw on some clothes and walk Younger to the bus stop for her first day of Kindergarten.

I went right into checking the serum-history infrastructure. The AWS instance was down again, so I rebooted it and had to get that back up. (If it does it tomorrow I’m going to have to get serious about it). My brain was a mess. Missus wanted to talk to me about going out to breakfast — she took the day off — but all I could think about was the Star Atlas sales.

And oh boy, was that something. Instead of just opening their marketplace like I thought they were going to do, they instead did one ship at a time over the course of the day. I figured out pretty early that prices were going to tank on the first item, so I dumped mine and bought ten more for the same price. It was a small win, and I only did it to give myself some practice before the big ones came up.

It did not go as smoothly.

Raydium seemed to be having problems, and it seemed to be affecting Solana as a whole and I had a lot of problems placing and cancelling orders. I lost out on a big sale trying to sell a ship for four grand before the market opened at thirteen hundred. I missed it by a few seconds. The last drop of the day was a large ship that was supposed to sell for nine K, but there were a ton of twenty grand buy orders up on the market before the sale was supposed to start. Then someone, probably a pre-sale participant since they were the only ones with one of the four ships in existence, started doing some spoofing before the market, and it looked like a sale went through for a quarter mil.

So most of my day was going over the dao details with new members, we actually got ten grand from one individual early this morning, so I had a lot of cash on hand to play with. We bought quite a few ships, and tomorrow it happens again with another group of ships. I don’t know how much we’re going to go for since we want to maintain cash for our token purchases, but there’s some money to be made flipping these ships. The art is figuring out what the price is and whether it’ll sell out. I think I have a strategy for tomorrow.

I talked to a lot of people today and got a lot done. I’ve managed to pull the serum-history OHLC data into a Python notebook and do some charts. No one has these but me right now, as far as I know. I might be naive.

Hopefully not.