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I’m writing this after dinner. Last night was another stay up late night playing video games on a Friday night, and I slept in till 9:30 this morning. My routine was ruined. I managed to make up for it though, restarting my day after getting some work done. Right now I’m sitting her in my usual writing spot, sipping my tea. Wifey managed to get the girls to do a lot of cleaning done, and even cooked a wonderful dinner of roasted vegetables and chicken breast. I actually managed to get some stuff done myself, changing some light bulbs and installing a bidet in the master bathroom. The water pressure is so powerful that the jet sprayed clear across the room the first time I turned it on, but at least we won’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper.

One thing that I did not get done was sending out my Substack last night. I did write a lot, but ran out of steam after a few beers and wound up playing Factorio and whatever game of the week the Epic Games store put up. Some turn based action game like X-Com, but with Nazis and RPG elements. It’s actually quite good. Anyways, I’m hoping that after I finish my routine I’ll be able to write the final paragraphs and get it scheduled for release Monday morning.

My next door neighbor, B., is moving out tomorrow. He had been scheduled to close on his house before the Lockdown began, but then the buyer was unable to clear the final credit check. No idea if it’s the same one taking the keys tomorrow. He said they have three young boys, so it seems that things are about to get a lot more interesting around here as far as the kids are concerned. I hope they’ll be good neighbors. B has really been tops and I’m sad to see him going, but he and his wife have taken new jobs outside of the area.

Something interesting came up in my mailbox today, a Medium article about WorldQuant, a hedge fund that is offering a free Masters in Financial Engineering. I took a look at it, and right up my alley. Data science and free, can’t go wrong. It’s a two year program though, and requires twenty five hours a week time commitment. I don’t think I can commit to that right now. I’ll probably table it and re-examine it in a few months before they start their September session. Might not hurt to go ahead and apply and get cleared. If I do it though, there won’t be room for any other business opportunities though.

The ASUS ZenWIFI AC router and mesh access point is working real good, now that I’ve gotten it setup properly. I think I botched a firmware update that made it go all haywire; I called ASUS support but wound up fixing it myself. The thing has a lot of features on it, wrapped up in a slick interface. It’s real nice. The tri-band antenna is really powerful and reaches all they way into the back yard, the only bad thing about it was that I waited so long to get rid of that old Linksys router. This thing is running a full Linux install under the hood, so theoretically I could install a full bitcoin node on it if I wanted to. Just attach external storage and who knows what I can do with it.

I discovered the band IDLES a few days ago. I went to run errands on Thursday and went to turn on my podcast through my car’s bluetooth when my phone started playing some radio station on Apple Music. They played GROUNDS, and I was hooked. The DJ went on to spout all kinds of gushing praise for the band, so I went and checked them out. I’ve been binge watching their live performances, and man they are good.

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