Father’s Day

It’s just after six in the morning, I am the only one up. I went to bed on time, and finally got out of bed after waking up at two thirty and four thirty. It’s going to be a beautiful day out today, with some rain, and I’m looking forward to relaxing.

I didn’t work on my Substack article last night, instead deciding to take it easy. Played some video games, spent some time on the piano, and continued reading The Gervais Principle. Amazing stuff.

During meditation, I had the idea of moving these morning pages, journal posts off of this site and putting them on a local-hosted WordPress that’s only accessible inside the house. I could set it up so that the girls could post their videos, and I could type freely without having to mask everyone’s names. Can a seven-year old use WordPress, or would I need to make something simpler, that would be as easy as posting to Facebook or Insta? Will table for now and let the idea simmer.

There are two gifts that have been sitting in the downstairs hall closet for well over a month. One of them is quite large and heavy, and I cannot wait to see what it is. I still have my birthday gift from my brother, a copy of the newly reissued board game Dune, sitting on the dining room table, where I await a challenger. I think it might be too complicated for Elder, and Missus has no interest in playing it, but maybe the two of them together would be ok. I might be able to recruit one of the dad’s down the street since he likes games like Risk, but I don’t know how the logistics of that would work out. Maybe if we played outside it would be OK. I still don’t want anyone outside the immediate family inside the house.

I’m debating whether to good a big dinner this morning. I haven’t talked to my dad about doing anything, and don’t really feel like spending two hours trying to use my new outdoor griddle again. Missus never cooks breakfast. Maybe I’ll just make a quiche or something instead, just fry up some bacon and potatoes and dump some eggs over it. Sounds delicious.

I’m going to wrap this up and take a crack at the Substack. I really want to finish it and get it released tomorrow, or I’ll have to reevaluate my goals with it. We had a few unsubscribes after my first official blast, but nothing serious. I’ll need to figure out way to build it up. Right now LinkedIn seems like the only way, since I’m not getting out, and my normie Twitter account isn’t getting much action.

Speaking of which, I don’t think I went on Twitter once yesterday. I didn’t feel like these ‘morning pages’ types of posts warranted a post, since it’s just me talking to myself and I’m not really offering anything useful to anyone. I’ll have to work on that. Part of the problem is that the effort needed to publish these daily ramblings is a bit much for what I’m writing: find an image, write the SEO, validate the Twitter card, then post it. On top of that, I’ve been rewarding myself afterwards by scrolling my timeline. The WP to Twitter plugin I had been using broke some time ago. Anyways, I think it’s better for me to stay off Twitter completely, until I finish the Substack.

It’s just after six thirty. I might get an hour of writing in before the girls wake up. Time to go.

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