Bitcoin and beer

There are still people who have never heard of cryptocurrency.

Another Monday, another block on the life calendar crossed off. Father’s day was good, my dad came over and we got to talk to my brother overseas for a bit. I whooped my old man’s butt at chess, and even got Missus to play a game of Dune with me. Watched some Snowpiercer and drank too much beer.

We met the new neighbors, briefly, and I helped my old one remove a child’s swing set from his back yard as the sun went down. I wound up dumping my whole two hundred piece tool set in yard. I have no idea whether I fished all the sockets out of the deep grass; it was getting too dark.

After we were done hauling the swings to the road, we sat drinking beer and shooting the breeze. The subject turned to real estate and work, and I was talking about bitcoin for several minutes when he asked “did you say bitcoin?” He’d never heard of it before. I was kind of shocked, but enjoyed the opportunity to try and explain it to someone who had never heard of it before. I promised to follow up with some resources about it, and said goodbye.

It is truly amazing to me that there are people out there who have literally never heard of bitcoin. Not that don’t understand bitcoin, but haven’t heard of it at all. It just really shows how early we are in this industry, and how much work we have to do on the adoption side. My neighbor was aware of what has been going on with the Fed, and understood the concept of stock-to-flow, but I wound up going back to discussing double spend problem and was on my way to explaining proof of work before things got too late. It wasn’t really the best pitch, so to speak.

I’ve obviously got a target for a new blog post. I wrote an intro to cryptocurrencies about two years ago, but it’s in dire need of updating. I guess I know what the subject of next week’s substack will be.

I’ve got a lot of work to do today. The Substack is scheduled to go out by the time I hit post on this, then I’ve just got to publish the version I put together on my LinkedIn page. It’s all about the page views, baby.

And something really interesting was in the paper yesterday.

Futurists/technologists. If you’re looking for “a wide-open niche in almost every industry,” this might be the option for you, Michelic says.

“The world is changing at such a fast pace that we need people who specialize in gaining knowledge from multiple domains, consolidating and distilling that knowledge, and communicating it to the proper audience that can put the information to its highest and best use,” he says. “These positions look at technological and data trends across multiple industries and connect them to other industries. They are communicators for the future of work, distribution, manufacturing, travel and commerce.”

Source: Bright spots in pandemic job market.

Looks like I found my niche.

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