Weekend update

Another Monday, another daylight savings time. Fall is always better, since we get the extra hour, although I wasted the extra time by staying up too late last night. At least the girls are at school and I have a clear calendar the rest of the morning. That’s good, too, because I’ll need it.

Yesterday was much more chill than Saturday, which was a bit of a rough one. I let the girls be their worst Sunday morning. I kept them home from church since it felt weird for me to send my six-year old by herself. No sir. So they watched TV and ate garbage until noon, at which point I had them help me straighten up the house. We really went to work and organized all of the girls coats and shoes. Then we went out.

I took them to the local outdoor mall, and we walked around. They’d been asking me to bring them to the playground there as it has these … cups? … that the girls sit in and spin around in. The cups are on an angle, so that one tends to spin around, and by moving your body slightly you can get a good spin going. It’s like a merry go round for one. So we did that, then we spent some time in B&N looking at books and games. The girls wanted to act out a play on the stage in the kids’ area, they’re so cute. Then we went to the library, then picked up groceries for the week. We had dinner, then we played Heroes of Hesiod, although the girls didn’t finish it — it’s too hard with just two players, but they made it more than halfway.

Then I read them to bed.

So this week all I have to do is grind through and make it to Saturday when Missus comes back. The girls are going to be fine. Elder can talk to her mom via Apple ID now, so that’s good, but Younger still woke up in my bed this morning. We’ll have to work on that.