Voting day

Today is Election Day, which doesn’t hold as much significance in the household as it did when I was running for office. The girls had a half-day yesterday, and have school off completely today as their schools are used for polling places.

I’ve been completely cut off from the political process these last three years, although Missus’s Labor activities puts me back in the same orbit. I ran into our Congressperson a few weeks ago and drove Missus on a literature drop. The person is not even our Congressperson anymore since redistricting, but they’re in a tight race and we want Labor-friendly candidates in office. Unfortunately, that means Democrats.

I already voted a few weeks ago, my Congressperson is not in any danger, but there were local Council and Board members up on the ballot as well, so I did my duty there.

I was watching Last Week Tonight and their segment was on Trump lackeys taking over the voting officials in prep for 2024, so that did make me feel a bit guilty around abandoning DSA and going full crypto instead.

I’m bringing the girls over to their Momo’s today. We stopped by yesterday to say hi and she graciously agreed to take them. I was hoping to bike them over there since it was eighty-degrees yesterday, but temps have dropped into the sixties with a strong wind. We might be able to use it to our advantage though, since it will actually blow us toward Momo’s house. I’ll come back by myself, finish work, then pick them up in the car.

Work is well. I fixed the build, although I’m now at a loss where to work next. Docs, most likely.