Decisions, decisions

So last week was a bit of a mixed bag. Friday we learned that ATMTA lost half of their operating funds through the FTX collapse. So the company has between six and nine months cash on hand. Meaning that they’re exploring various options to increase their cash flow: raising money from VCs in what will undoubtedly be a down round; as well as cutting costs, including salary cuts or furloughs. Oops.

Thankfully Missus didn’t quit her job, and I’ve been saving cash quite aggressively, although, admittedly a lot of that has been going into crypto. We should likely be able to weather a significant loss of income without too much worry. We’ll have to tighten our budget, not as many toys and games, that’s for sure.

The never-ending doomscroll on my Twitter TL is just something else entirely. And Twitter, poor Twitter. Elon has come in like a wrecking ball, and between the crypto panic and slow collapse of Twitter, I don’t even have the stomach to look at it. There’s still the occasional ray of hope, but it’s pretty dark right now.

My mood has been well, considering. I’ve been at a good baseline. Missus is back, the girls are the usual challenge, and my shoulder healed enough that I’m not noticing the sharp pain, and I was able to go to the bouldering gym again yesterday for some climbing.

Now the new week is here and thing are going to be interesting. Will I get paid tomorrow? Who knows? For now I’m going to assume payroll is going to be a few days late. We shall see. The biggest question I have right now is whether to go forward with our Costa Rica trip. I paid a couple hundred out of pocket to book the vouchers, but we still haven’t paid the all-inclusive resort fee.