Filling in

My my, where the week went. Let’s travel back in time a bit. Backward, as I fill in the details.

Yesterday was Daddy-Daughter day with Elder. We went to the bouldering gym (!) and stayed there for over two hours (!!). I think it as the first or second time that her and I had gone together, and we both really pushed it. I pushed her on some of the V0s to really try and work out her technique, and she did it. I also had some good routes, although I still have not finished the V4 that gave me trouble three weeks ago. My shoulder is still bothering me, but I think that will be less of a problem as the muscles develop. I can do three pull ups now, so I need to keep up the training in the garage.

We did a whole lot of yard work yesterday as well. Elder wanted to earn some extra money, so I let her push the lawnmower around the yard. It was slow-going for her, since the grass was pretty tall and I didn’t raise the mower deck up. We killed both batteries before the job was done, so we went out to the gym before we were done and finished it up when we got back.

We’ve been rewatching the Dragon Prince show. I didn’t realize they had two more seasons of it, and the girls don’t even remember the first pass through. So that’s our show, although we’ve been watching a couple other shows together. I’ve also been playing Riverbond with both of them, although Younger can do little more than follow us around.

Thanksgiving is this week, so we’ve got a short work-week. Missus has to work Friday, so I might have to plan something with the girls. But for now I’ve got work to do. Lot of data analysis.