Another election day is passed, and it’s still too soon to know what control of the Senate and House look like. Local results are out though, and the woman who beat me in the primary a few years back is now going to be a City Council member. Good for her. I can’t imagine dealing with all that mess right now.

Crypto is a garbage fire right now. There’s been a battle brewing between CZ of Binance and SBF of FTX; CZ fudded the shit out of the FTT token, caused a liquidity crisis at FTX and then stepped in to backstop or buy FTX. People went crazy, saying this is as bad as the LUNA and Celsius collapse. 2022 has been a hell of a year, what can you say. The entire crypto market — at least as far as my bags are concerned — got hit, BTC, SOL, ATLAS, POLIS, all of them had huge dumps yesterday. The only good news is that the Star Atlas tokens are holding positive versus SOL.

I fixed the build at work again, after I broke it, again. Dependabot alerts and my impatience caused some problems, but we’re clean right now and ready to dive in again today to get to work.