Crypto bloodbath

I don’t know if yesterday was the worst day in the history of crypto, because it sure felt like it. As if Tuesday wasn’t bad enough, the proposed Binance buyout of FTX failed and the markets tanked. POLIS and ATLAS were down fifty percent, SOL tanked and BTC dropped at least twenty percent down to the 15.5k level. Insane.

I seem to have gotten off luckier than most. is completely insolvent, but it appears that the US site (a separate business entity) appears to be processing withdrawals. I pulled most of my funds out over the weekend, and only have a small amount that’s awaiting ACH cooldown. I realized earlier that I still have funds for the girls on there that I need to move off, so that’s the first order of business today.

Younger is already off to school, but Elder is still laying in bed telling me she doesn’t feel well and wants to stay home. So it’s going to be one of those days. Ugh.

And there’s family drama also. My mom’s been in the process of splitting from her husband of twenty-five years, due to some financial — um — mismanagement. Basically he got caught up with some paid group a while back that made options recommendations. Basically he got scammed, took out loans from his retirement funds, borrowed money from my mom, and went down a road to ruin. So they’re getting divorced.

I made the mistake of including his email in a Girl Scout sales campaign — he said he wanted to stay in touch with the girls — and he texted me back asking to check out whether some site was legit. It wasn’t. I was perturbed that he was still messing around with scammy shit, but I let it go. Then he sent me another email last week asking if I was interested in some ‘financial opportunity’. I ignored it. Then yesterday, of all days, he sent me some Nigerian Prince kind of scam where he wanted me to borrow $20k from him. The fucking nerve. I blocked him and vented to Missus over a few messages. I didn’t want to talk to my mom about it but she needs to know.

So that’s my day, and I’m not even talking about work stuff yet.