Evening page.

Today was pretty chill.

I had a couple task to do today for work, nothing that took too much of my time. I spent most of the day in front of my computer reading and doing research. I managed to spend some time poking around with the Alchemy.IO API, trying to explore contract events in anticipation of building some kind of monitoring or arbitrage bots.

Right now I’m mainly focused on trying to get some transparency with my own holdings. Zapper and the other DeFi dashboards don’t really support a lot of the meme-farms, so trying to keep an eye on things is a bit difficult.

I’m waiting on some large fiat deposits to come through the onramp so I can stake some USD stablecoins. Fulcrum has actually been near the top of the list; I’ve never dealt with them before. I’m actually considering converting to Dai, even with the slippage, just for the extra points. Harvest is actually getting about twice as much, although I don’t trust them as much. I have a small test stake on there right now, so I may put a larger stake on there. I’ve got multiple deposits coming through, so I’ll probably spread them out depending on what’s highest that day. We’ll see.

I had a productive session last night working on Ethernauts. It seems Ethereum development relies a lot on Javascript, so I’m delving into that for the first time in a while. I’m using a script to run my exploits, and involves manipulating the Web3 library. JS has a bit of a strange syntax with the callbacks and the way that things chain together, but I’m getting it without too much Googling. They’re more alike than they are different. At least on the surface anyways.

I made a good discovery today. Coingecko has an excellent API that I can now use to get my mining calculator back up and running. It’s a Google Sheet, and relied on the Cryptofinance module and a bunch of custom API functions that I had written for various exchanges, but the CryptoFinance module stopped working because of its reliance on CoinMarketCap. I’ve been unable to use the sheet for several weeks, but I was able to get it back up and running in about an hour today. Now I just need to get payments from my mining pool, but they only go back thirty days, so that’s another challenge. I have a hack for it using my minimum payout and the numbers of payments, which I can get off the API, so that’ll work as a crutch.

The Vice Presidential debates are tonight. I don’t know if I can stand to watch them, but I’m already drinking, so it’s either that or video games tonight. I’m not sure.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already. The days are flying by.