Quick PRIA Update

Spent some more time working on TheGraph today. Managed to get a subgraph up that shows PRIA transfers. I’ve got to study GraphQL to figure out how to use this, and modify the schema to make it usable. I think a lot of people want to see the top holders by address, and I’d like there to be a way to query the top burnable addresses. I thought of an incentive app that would use these results and allow people to push a button to sign a transaction to burn them, whilst reimbursing them for the gas plus a bonus.

It sounds like something that could be done, although it might need another contract deployed to pull it off properly. These kind of proposals should be voted on by the community, so I really think the first order of business is some kind of DAO or other voting mechanism among PRIA LP providers. If you’ve got experience with doing so, let me know.

Right now the liquidity pool is the only safe haven for tokens, but given the possibility for divergence loss during the run up, there might need to be a better way to incentivize liquidity. That also brings up another point as well: the deflationary phase might cause additional divergence, but on a net positive on the Eth side. The way I understand it, the Uniswap stake loses ETH value compared to hodling as the price appreciates, but loses value slower as the price depreciates. This needs further exploration before I can speak with certainty.

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The above chart shows an ETH/DAI pairing. Source: Understanding Uniswap Returns

It looks like there are many ways to play this game, and the more time I spend on it the more avenues I see.

I’m not gonna shill given all the uncertainty in the market, especially given the fact that US elections are less than a week away. That said, I’m pleasantly glad to see that PRIA is holding up well. There seems to be healthy liquidity and volume, and the TG/CT communities are pretty active. And we’re not even at 80k supply yet!

Source: Uniswap pair info

That said, my main holdings are still in BTC, and to a smaller extent, ETH. I’m very anxious about the election and what effects it’s having and will continue to have over the next few weeks. I’ve spent the last few months exiting from traditional equities, AMZN, NVIDA, TSLA, hoarding cash in anticipation of a buying opportunity. This week’s pullback, caused by lockdowns in Europe, no sign to COVID cases in US, and failure to launch a second stimulus package, was enough for me to pull the trigger. I’m all in.

So right now, a majority of holdings are in BTC, but I’ve got even more in my tax advantaged retirement account that is in Grayscales GBTC, ETHE, and GDLC products. I’ve also got mining companies like CAN, RIOT, and MARA, and Canadian-based exchange Voyager.

My bags are packed. Now I just need to sleep for a year.