PRIA explainer webcast

I finally got around to doing a $PRIA explainer video with @EnderleTres, A.K.A CryptoDaddio last night. We talked for about a half hour.

I didn’t want to dox myself. Instead of a disguise I wound up buying a copy of FaceRig, and made gave the interview as a Marvin The Martian type character. It came out all right. The program is pretty genius, although lighting, glasses and headset complicate the face tracking. The girls wouldn’t leave it alone while I was setting it up. There’s lots of princess models and anime characters.

And just to point out how Wild West crypto and DeFi is right now, just this morning I learned the Harvest.Finance got hacked for $25 million.

Harvest explained the attack here, and has moved to protect the other funds (thread).

And I know a lot of devs and hackers will be going through the history here to figure out how these flash loan attacks work.