Is this bull season?

I’m not living right.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, and haven’t been very disciplined sticking to my habits. A month ago I was doing over a hundred pushups a day, wasn’t drinking on weeknights and was going to bed at 10PM every night to get lots of rest. Then I got a couple of neck and shoulder injuries, went on vacation and drank myself silly. Now I’m staying up till 12:30 at night, drinking and playing video games. It’s far time to get back in the swing of things.

I think selling the car has put me in a bit of a celebratory mood, or rather has put my finances in a bit of disequilibrium. I’m still waiting for the funds to go through, but it’s caused a bit of a cascade in the way I allocate my funds. My bank has a feature where I can set aside funds for various savings goals, bills and so forth, and so the way I’ve been operating has been to keep various buckets for my credit cards bills, mortgage payment and so forth. Before COVID it was a juggling act to fill the buckets before the bills were due.

Since pulling the kids out of daycare I’ve actually been able to get ahead of the game, and have been able to fill those buckets and start saving some money up. I forgot to schedule a credit card payment last week, so I decided I’d just start paying the bills as soon as the statements periods are over. I think it’s better this way, instead of trying to float the payments till the due date. It’s not like I’m gaining anything from the float.

Instead, I am going to try to seek as much yield with some of the funds spare funds sitting in cash. I’ve got to keep funds in stable coins as much as possible, given that we’re talking about money that I’ll need short term. It can either go in BlockFi, or I can try vaults or more riskier farming rewards. I’m not sold on earning governance tokens though, long term, I think a lot of them will drop.

And my indecision is being made worse by the market performance the last couple days. Things are on fire. My IRA has has three days in a row of four or five percent gains, mainly due to bitcoin’s performance over the weekend. Things were crazy today, and it’s even more exciting cause it feels like it’s just the beginning of things. I’m tempted to FOMO into BTC, and partially wondering if holding anything else is even a good idea right now.

Ultimately, I think I’m exposed enough. I put in a stink bid in case there’s a dip before I can move my fiat to DAI, but other than that I’m going to stick to my current plans. The only change I’m making is that I’m going to resume my dollar cost averaging into BTC. This is in addition to the amount that I’ve been buying every week for the girls.

I spent some time last night trying to clean up my yield farming sheet. I’m going to have to take a look at how some of these Yearn projects work so that I can copy their calculations. I need a way to track earmarked contributions into a common farm, tracking the percentage of contribution to the pool. If I have x + y USDC and wind up with z after three months, I need to know what the balance sheet looks like if I want to add more later on. I’ve got contributions in three or four different places right now, and getting data out is a bit difficult right now.

For example, if I pull GUSD out of BlockFi and push it into the Yearn BUSD vault, how can I track whether I was better off moving the funds or not? And tracking the value of BTC, wrapped and deposited to ycrvBTC is worth it?

Seems like there’s a lot of work to do. I think I almost know enough to cobble together some code to check the balance from a vault, but who knows how I go about with the conversions. We’ll see.

There’s work to be done.