Pho sho

I gave myself a pass today, as my body felt like it had been run over when I woke up this morning. I’d ran three miles Saturday morning, walked another three at the park that day, then gone back for another two miles at with the kids on Sunday. I couldn’t figure out why my neck and shoulders were wrecked, then I realized I had carried out a screaming and crying five year old at the end of the evening. So no, I didn’t work out at all today.

I did manage to finish another Exercism, after breaking my own rule of no peeking. I had completed everything but the last test case, as I could not figure out how to sort a vector with a tiebreaker. It was ordering::then_with. This challenge centered around building a program that could provide a result of tournament results. I barrelled through it over the past week and had several problems. The main issue was how to sort HashMaps. The short answer is that you don’t, they have to be converted to a vector and sorted. I hacked things a little and returned a Vec::<String, MyStruct>, the String being the HashMap’s key, e.g. the name of the team, while the Struct held the match results and points. It’s not ideal, since I had to sort first by a field in the struct, then by the String. The idiomatic way to do it is to repeat the hashmap’s key as a field in the struct, then everything is accessible in one data structure.

I spent a good deal of the day making pho. I boiled some beef bones to make the stock, and went all out with beef tips, cilantro, basil, onion, bean sprouts, lime, chilies, fish sauce, and even bought yellow rock sugar. It didn’t come out too bad, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped for. The kids ate the noodles, and Elder actually liked the heat since she has had a cold and it really cleared her sinuses out.

I also spent some time this afternoon working on my web3 stuff. I finally figured out how to get my wallet address within the app (window.etherem.selectedAddress). I think it took me several days to figure that out. Go me. Now I can feed that into my React app instead of hardcoding it. Next step is to figure out how to pull the Perpetual data out of The Graph and pull it together for my dashboard. Progress, inch by inch.

And how could I get through a post without talking about my Perpetual positions. I woke up this morning shocked that my proceeds were well over a hundred dollars. If it holds my week will be over 25% more than last. The ETH/BTC chart is looking really good, and EIP1559 is due on Thursday. ETH just had it’s thirteenth daily green candle, and is still going up. It’s quite insane.

Now that my body has recuperated I’m hoping a fresh start to the day with an early morning run.