Joy of music

Well it took everything in me to get out and run this morning, but I did it. A little bit harder, just to keep moving forward. I finished up and meditated before waking Missus up; she had to go into the office today. The girls started arguing over breakfast bowls and silverware less than five minutes after she left, and I was not having it. I pretty much lost my shit, but I think they got the memo and were pretty good the rest of the day.

Both of them have been acting up a lot, ignoring me and my directions, just doing whatever they want, basically. After the first blow up I walked in the living room to find them snacking out and told them to throw it away. Younger decided to throw another mouthful in her gullet and that was strike two, so they lost TV for the rest of the morning. They decided to build a fort instead.

I did manage to salvage the morning and made some progress on my Ethereum React app. I ran into some strange problem with the repo that I was working on, so I started from scratch just to make sure. I was able to get it, so I’m thinking it must be a problem due to the fact that I mixed yarn and npm in the workspace inadvertently. It will take some more work to square up.

I spent most the rest of my time focused on piano. I started learning a new piece, a waltz from the back of my big classics book. It’s not too difficult but my finger independence isn’t quite developed as I want. I’ve been practicing Clair de Lune for so long, and I’m so close to the end, but I still struggle with several sections and felt like I needed a break. Watching the women play these pieces on The Great Courses is really inspiring me. I know I’ll never be as good as these masters who started when they were children, but I really enjoy playing. I just can’t keep pieces in my head the way I can with guitar music. Even the Bach pieces that I memorized over the past two years become unplayable if I don’t keep them up. Fur Elise as well. I’ve gotten much better at reading music, but nowhere near the point where I can just read something by sight.

I’m hoping better for the girls.

I’m lucky if I can get Elder to spend a half hour doing her Playground Sessions. She’s made progress, but she fights me on it so much. Today though, Younger said she wanted to do it, so I let her do the first exercise. It’s simple, just pressing middle C in a variety of rhythms, but it was amazing to watch her do it five or six times and get better at it each time. I was so proud of her. Despite the pushback, she’s really been showing progress with her letters as well. And I would love nothing more for a bit of competition between her and her older sister. I’m going to let her keep it up. Not sure how I’m going to manage it if I need two separate accounts for them.

It might be worth it.