No mojo

It’s been real hard to get motivated today. Coming back from vacation is a bit of drag, it would seem. I couldn’t bring myself to workout or run this morning. Missus worked, Elder had a huge tantrum when I tried to get her to do chores this morning. I just sat around on Twitter most of the day. I did a little bit of work on the SAIADao multisig issue, which continues. I had to take Younger to the doctor’s for her checkup and vaccinations to start school. We were there over ninety minutes. Stopped by the library on our way back; I had seven dollars in fines — stupid DVDs — but by the time we got by the school to do her registration the secretary was already gone. Tomorrow, perhaps.

For dinner it was Younger’s turn to throw a tantrum. I’ve just been scrolling Twitter and watching this little ETH run. Gas is insane, but all my Solana bags seem ready to rock. Funding sucks, I’m actually sitting flat right now, so this thing had better move soon.

Missus came down a minute ago and said she doesn’t have any motivation either. I’m just going to stick to the plan tonight; no drinks, read some books, bed early, and hope that I can wake up with enough energy to get my ass out on the street.