Almost forgotten

I had just laid down to bed, when my brain kindly let me know that I had not blogged today. So here I am, just after eleven. My schedule has been shot to shit the last few days as I’ve struggled with the last bit of this summer cold. It’s mainly been a sore throat, but I can also feel some sort of bronchial infection working its way through my lungs. It’s sapped a lot of my will. I haven’t meditated or worked out in two days, and most of my afternoons have been spent watching Great Courses or playing piano. I’ve been laying on the couch or taking naps, although I did cook a decent dinner tonight and cut the grass. I was in no mood to edge the yard, even though it badly needs it.

The girls were a bit on the bad side. Elder is doing her best teenage angst impression, and seemed to want to argue with me about everything. She professes to dislike her Galileo clubs, but doesn’t seem to want to do the work to find alternatives. I told her if she doesn’t like it she can go back to public school, but she replied that she wasn’t going to do that either. Oh my god this kid is testing me.

Her sister was much milder today. I didn’t push things too hard since I didn’t have the energy for it, but I felt like I needed to since I let her slide yesterday. She’s been spending a lot of time writing her name and learning how to spell her friends’.

Missus is working from the office Tuesdays through Thursdays, which has made the last two days even more difficult. I don’t even get a sick day. She’s back home tomorrow, but I don’t expect much of a reprieve tomorrow.

I expect I should be well enough tomorrow to resume my standard routine. I’m overdue for legs. One of the videos that I’ve been watching on Great Courses has been on strength training, so I think I might mix things up a bit.

Otherwise, the big news today was the launch of Ethereum’s London fork. EIP1559 has already burned millions of dollars of ETH. The market took off today, and my funding is looking fantastic. Not to mention the position gains themselves. If things keep up I’m looking at another monster week. ETH is going to $10,000 and there is nothing you can do about it, was the message on my TL today. BTC maxis coping and all that. I think I’m positioned well.