Mr. Mom

Today would have been a much better day if I hadn’t ruined it by staying up till twelve-thirty last night watching Disenchantment, but it was still a good day. Missus had to get up early to go into the office, and the girls got up early to do their chores, so I was actually the last one out of bed — with a bit of a hangover — well before eight. While I was meditating on the back deck I realized that I really needed to do some yard work, so I made the girls come outside to suffer in solidarity with me while I sweat my ass off mowing and edging the yard. Two showers before noon for me.

I had to take Missus for a drive this afternoon to a conference. I didn’t want to be left without a car, so I figured it was worth the thirty minute drive to take her to the hotel. They had an outdoor pool, so we figured the girls would enjoy a bit of time to relax. Afterward, we went out for dinner and ran up the room tab on her per diem.

Younger has been very sensitive about being without her mother, and is having her usual issue going to bed on her own. Right now she’s drawing pictures in the dining room adjacent to the couch where I write these entries. Neither child wants to go to bed right now, which I assume is the natural result of them taking naps on the ride back. Younger is so high-maintenance at bedtime. I’m sorry that I seem to be the only one pushing her to go to bed without an adult laying next to her, but she’s five and I want my bed back. Missus seems to have given up on even trying, and it’s so tiring. I slept in the little bed last night as Missus fell asleep before either of the girls and Younger just crawled in there later. I wasn’t trying to deal with it.

Getting the yard work done was about the only productive thing I accomplished today. Of course keeping these children alive for another day is a feat in itself.