Ride or die

Today was fairly typical, save for a few points. One, I managed to get in a workout, my second since I got hit by this not-COVID, going on my second week. Second, I had to kit sit a ten year old boy for one of Missus’s union sisters while they went to another event, and I can’t help wondering why everyone’s kids are better behaved that mine.

Today wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t sure which kid was going to be Grumplestiltskin today — surprise, the answer is both of them, but it actually wasn’t that bad. They actually did a lot of work this morning and surprised me overall. They just had some minor quibbles with a few chores, but nothing like what we had these last few days. The worst was Younger’s ridiculous insistence that she was hungry in spite of the fact that she had already had food not less than five minutes before, and also had a plate on the table. She was upset because I asked her to put the frozen waffles back in the freezer, which she refused to do. It was downhill from there for the next half hour.

Still, that was still better than Elder’s two hour drama the day before. I’m just glad we didn’t have to relive that. The two of them then spent the next ninety minutes upstairs organizing or something, which was rather pleasant for me. I managed to get a workout in, although a bit later than I wanted. I actually let them watch TV this morning while I did some Rust work.

Moving on, I do feel like there’s something to be said about the collapse of the American-backed Afghanistan government. I don’t have anything to say. The twentieth anniversary of 9/11 is coming up, and I really don’t have anything productive to say about it. A younger me would probably have railed about the injustices about it and so on, but I’m so done with politics that I just don’t care. Sure, the video of people clamoring up a C30 cargo plane as it taxied down the runway was bad enough, but it’s got nothing to do with me so I’ll not waste the calories fretting over it. Climate disaster is enough calamity for me, thank you very much.

The girls are going back to school in three weeks, and I’ve got about nine months left of cash before I need to go back to work. I doubt I’ll last that long, though. I need something to do. While doubt my ambition to create my own startup, I also don’t think I can find a company that I’d actually be able to stomach working for. It’s just not in me anymore. I’ve put all my faith in Bitcoin, and to paraphrase someone else, I’m ride or die at this point: its death, or mine.