Today is the last day Missus is home before she flies off to Vegas for a week. Union-related, of course. The girls will be stuck her with me of course. The last trip Missus took wasn’t too bad, it kept me on my good behavior, and I’ve had to keep it up this week because I’m kicking so much ass. Other than some drinking last Saturday and on Halloween, I’ve been on top of my game.

But my shoulder still hurts, either from injury or overuse, I’m not sure. Most likely the latter. Between my climbing stint on Saturday and the yard work on Sunday, my right shoulder is on fire. I thought I had sprained a muscle or tendon, but it’s been a whole week now and I still experience discomfort lifting my elbow behind me. I’ve been doing some gentle hangs around the house to work out the pain, hanging from the molding around the interior doors, and I’ve got a spot in the garage where I can hang from a two by four.

Yesterday a garbage truck hit one of the overhead wires in a nearby intersection. It was the fiber optic cable that feeds the cable and internet to the entire subdivision. It went down as I was wrapping up a meeting, so I decided to go for a ride. I packed my go bag with library books and a bottle of water, and rode up to the library to turn them in. Then I headed back in a different direction and rode to the local bike shop to see what they had. I wound up taking a drive on a used Specialized that had the caliper brakes and shifting system that I wanted. It wasn’t everything I wanted, it still has smaller tires and is only a front suspension, and the tires are almost too knobby for riding around the city, but it’s what I need if I’m going to continue going off-road.

In all, I rode over eight miles, which is OK, but is probably only about forty minutes of riding. I’ll pick the bike up this weekend and take the girls out for a riding session.

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