I can feel it.

I’m a bit overcome with the feeling that I haven’t been doing enough.

And it’s just silly.

I’m raising two kids, working a job on top of everything else. I’ve got a wife and a mortgage and got seventy thousand in student loan debt coming due next year. So what if I didn’t write a substack last month?

I do feel a bit guilty about it. More guilty that I spent most of my time today consuming content on Twitter and various news feeds than I do making my own. I spend more time learning than I do on acting on that knowledge. At what point will the pieces come together, I wonder, and will I be happy and relax for a day? When the kids are grown and I got FU money.

Saw a quote today: “invest your time, don’t spend it”. Well I definitely spent a lot of time this past week on stuff I didn’t need to.

I am so ready for a career change, but can’t imagine really getting the job I want, one that will give me the extra income I want and still allow me the time I need to keep the kids home and take care of them. Cause as hard as this is right now, I can’t imagine going back to the way it was. Younger is such a joy to behold, and Elder, she’s much more of a challenge, but she needs my help, and I still find it hard to imagine that we shipped them off to daycare for eight hours a day so that I could work.

I just can’t imagine going back to that.

So I’ll just have to create the job I want, and just keep learning everything I can. I just need to remember to find time to create. And I just need to keep honing the knife. I really believe that the next four years are going to be incredibly successful for crypto, and right now I’m trying to get everything as tight as can be for what’s about to happen.

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