I’m still standing

Well, despite yesterday’s optimism, I am still sick. After some discussion with Missus and Googling of Delta variant symptoms, I have decided to get a COVID test. I actually scheduled one for today with a local pharmacy, but found out that it would take five to seven days to get a result. Instead I rescheduled one for a different pharmacy tomorrow, a rapid test that would let me know in an hour or so.

So again today, I was not too productive. I had to spend most of the morning enforcing yesterday’s decision to revoke the girls’ usual TV time, so I paid for that by having to spend more time overseeing their chores this morning instead.

This morning was pretty miserable, I didn’t do much. A couple of hours for my morning work session on integrating web3modal into React, but after lunch I didn’t do much. Crypto was mooning, so it was mainly refreshing TradingView and checking my Perpetuals. Of course the big news today is the crypto provision in the infrastructure bill. Everyone is up in arms, rightfully so, but I don’t have the energy for it right now. The vote is tomorrow.

I spent this evening doing my usual Friday night video game night. I downloaded Destiny 2 and bought a new D&D game off of Steam. Oh yea, and I spent a grand on these avatar NFTs, Cute Pig Club.

Not that I’m too terribly impressed with these things right now, but this is NFT season apparently so I’m throwing in some cash at this point to get in on the ground floor on these. It’s a risk, but I think I should be able to make my money back relatively easy. I might keep 5412 for Elder. I knew it would be her favorite. If I had to pick an avatar it’d probably be 5409. I’ve been trying to find a mint to get in on and this was the only one I’ve been able to find thus far. Once they mint out I should be able to recoup my expenses. Hopefully.

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