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Well this is either the end of one of the most worthless weeks of recent memory, or hopefully a new start to a week of productivity and, dare I say, normalcy. I feel like I got nothing done this week. I’d have to go back and look at blog posts, but I feel like I’ve been sick for a week. Hard to imagine that last weekend we made two trips to the amusement park. That seems like a year ago.

I took a Nyquil last night. Missus gave me one after my COVID test came back negative. I hate taking them because of the way they make me feel in the mornings. This time was no different. I woke up first in the house, followed by Younger, then Elder, and then I was ready to do my weekly numbers. My Perpetuals did a record haul again, and I compounded them back into the positions. I made a slight mistake, doing a 4x on my BTC position instead of a 2x, but the principal is so large right now that it only made my liquidation price about a hundred dollars higher.

Anyways, I’m not sure what’s going on, but the funding for the last twelve hours has been almost double. I’m not sure if it’s just a fluke because of the weekend, but I’m loving it, even with the slight pullback we’ve seen today.

I also cleared out some USDC from my mSTABLE BUSD vault. I fretted about where to pull the funds, I was going to do it out of my Curve pool, but the withdrawal fee seemed a bit steep. It doesn’t look like I’m making much of of any of the reFIREment funds allocation. Integral being the exception. By the time Ethereum fees are taken into account, I’m losing pretty much everywhere. That might quite be the truth, as I still have a couple larger allocations in Yearn that might turn out okay. Anyways I should have enough cash available that I’ll be good for at least three more months. I’m moving it to BlockFi for the interest and to use it to pay off the credit card that I got from them. More on that later; I plan on writing a comparison between them and Fold at some point.

But right now the kids are still up and are showing no signs of winding down, and I’ve spent entirely too much time playing video games today and need to go to bed.

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