Summer is running out

I would say that today was a typical day in the household today, but it wasn’t. None of the kids had any meltdowns nor did I lose my temper. Small miracles, I guess. In fact, the girls actually did all their chores rather early today, and were in decent moods for most of it. I’m not sure what I did differently that I could do to make sure that it happens again tomorrow.

Maybe it was the drugs.

I took a dose of Nyquil last night before bed. My cough was just too much, and I figured it would squelch it long enough for me to get me through the night. Although I really hate taking it because of the way I feel the day after. And today was no different. I didn’t wake up with a cough or any symptoms of my two-week ailment, but my head was clouded and it took me a long time to wake up. But it does the trick. I’m feeling quite well right now, although I’m not sure I can manage a workout tomorrow since I pulled a muscle on my

Star Atlas released their tokenomics paper today, so I spent some time looking at that as an alternative to doing real work this morning. There was some discussion about this IEO, it seems like complete garbage to me but we’ll try to game it as best we can. I’m not sure we’re going to spend much time on it, but I’ll have $50k to work on it. Also, I finally secured the last poster that I need for my set, although there are some issues that I need to figure out before the loot drop a week from now.

Funding has been a bit sporadic today, I’m still trending better than last week, but it seems like it’s been in spurts. I might just be checking it too often.

I filled out Younger’s paperwork for her to start kindergarten. Less than three weeks and I’ll be all alone here in this house. It’s going to be crazy.

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