Bad Omens

I had a dream last night that I set my laptop on fire. Not like the battery got hot and it lit up kind of fire, but I intentionally set it on fire. Okay, maybe the fact that it went up in flames was an accident, but I was definitely doing something I wasn’t supposed to. I was more at a loss for the physical value of the hardware than anything on it, but still, I was relieved when the “I’m dreaming” realization came through.

I found myself thinking about this Tweet this morning, and what type of technical skills are needed to pull something off like that. My brokerage bot is just a simple API call application; I definitely need to figure out how to consume websockets to be able to do real-time stuff like this. Being able to watch order books and place or cancel orders in response to changes will really up my game.

As far as the Ethereum aspect of this goes, I’m not sure if you would have to run your own node or if something like this could be done on an Infura node. Not sure whether he’s watching the mempool or just following transactions on the network.

It’s the first of the month, which means I need to get cracking on some things: moving money from the kids Lending Club accounts over to their BlockFi. I think I’ll make rebalancing my DeFi vaults a quarterly affair, I don’t have enough to warrant the gas fees for smaller amounts. I will be making a withdrawal from my BlockFi and putting it on the exchange. I missed some trades that I wanted to take since I had vaulted my funds earlier.

I really need a dashboard to track my gains. Zapper doesn’t seem to be very accurate, although yEarn does let me see the monthly performance, in fact, every time I check their page they’ve made updates to their UI to provide more information. It’s still a pain that I have two wallet addresses that I’m using on it. Maybe there’s a way to transfer the vault balance? I’m guessing no since I’m staking a token. The balances are probably stored in an array and can’t be transfered.

I’ve obviously got a lot of work to do with Ethereum and smart contracts. I really love this kind of work, learning programming languages and building stuff. Too bad my regular job is all filled up with bullshit like fixing crashing laptops. My boss actually told me “don’t drop your sugar at the door” in response to me offering a technical next-step in response to one of these problems. I literally said that they needed to update the driver package on their Surface laptop. That is not my sugar. Boss has no idea what it I can do. He’s still locked into the stuff we were doing when we started eight years ago and hasn’t grown since. I’ve tried to tell him about the opportunities and he hasn’t popped out of this small business mindset. Sigh.

I feel like Zombie, LLC will be stuck with small-time players who are looking for technical support. We’ve got a few good managed services clients, but we’ve got no sales team, and the fact that Boss is unable to lead us as a team has left me completely disillusioned. Things will not change. I was listening to ILtB and someone said “if you take the best player on a high school team and you let them practice with a college team, they’re going to get better. They’re going to run faster than they thought possible.”

I’ve outgrown this team, and I need to find a better one.

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