Today has been quite the mixed bag.

On the one hand, I felt good enough this morning to go for a run, the first one since I got sick over two weeks ago. It did not go well. I went on my usual route, but well before the halfway mark I began having doubts that I could pick up where I left out. I cut things a bit short and had to walk for a bit, but managed to pick things up again near then end. Distance wise, a bit under three miles.

I was a bit concerned about leaving the girls alone while I went for my run. I knew they were worn out from the day before and staying up a bit late, I needn’t have worried. I was back and almost finished with my cooldown and meditation before Younger finally came plodding around downstairs. She put herself to bed and slept there the whole night. I just had to tell her to wait in her bed for me while I read. I told her if she woke up and saw my light out, she was welcome to join me, but she was worn out.

The main blot on the day was the tantrum that she threw later in the day. I promised her ice cream as a reward for staying in bed, and she felt slighted that Elder was going to get some as well. I swear, these kids… We went to the library and Elder was a bit rude to her and it set her on a downhill trajectory that ruined the entire trip. Next stop was the fabric store. Elder was planning on buying some fabric to make an outfit for her sister, but Younger changed her mind and wanted to buy a doll instead. We had an argument as she was a dollar short and I told her she’d need to earn it. That set her off even more. We went by the bookstore to get the crypto-edition of Fortune magazine — for the third time, no less, and empty handed again — then I took them to Cold Stone for her treat. We had decided to get the birthday cake specialty mix, and after the woman had started making it, Younger said she had change her mind. It was too late, I told her, and that started a fit that continued all the way home and almost an hour after we were home. It was a complete disaster.

Things eventually wound down, we had our ice cream, and even had another treat after dinner and cleanup. We watched What If? and Hilda. Now the girls are upstairs winding down as I type this.

I did do some work this afternoon. Things are moving really fast with Star Atlas, and we’ve got some work to do with SAIADao.

I wrote up some thoughts earlier today for the community. We’ve got a lot of work to do. It’s going to interfere with my vacation next week, but that’s how it goes, innit?

The other big news today of course it the big BTC pump. It was expected, and I feel a bit shitty for not leveraging up a bit more than I was. But I did sell some RUNE that was on Binance and moved it to my cold wallet. Perp funding has been flat since I woke up this morning, so it seems that the market was expecting a move. My ETH position is still paying out, but BTC has barely moved, so I’m probably not breaking last week’s record. Still, it should be a respectable haul, and I can’t really complain if I’ve got a 1.5x BTC position on the way up to new ATHs. I’m just waiting for ETH to do it’s thing.

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