Beach Week: Day 1

Well we just arrived at our vacation rental an hour ago. The fam is upstairs, Missus’s clan is upstairs playing Spades, the girls are hanging out on their screens. I had to deal with a bunch of drama to get the house ready to go, but we’re here, and I’m ready to relax?

I had to pack three hardware wallets, including my Lattice, because of the Star Atlas drops going on next week. I’m likely going to be making a lot of moves on Wednesday, and be tied up with a lot of stuff while we figure out what to do.

BTC came very close to 50k today. Funding for my Perpetuals is basically flat, I’ve crossed a grand but no where near what I thought it would be earlier this week. Tomorrow morning I’ll pull proceeds and lever up. This rocket is ready to go. The next three months will be interesting.

Getting the kids ready to go today was such a pain. Missus was still at the AFL-CIO convention and didn’t get back until three. She had set out chores with one and five dollar bills taped to a piece of paper. Younger helped me a good deal but Elder was just dramarama. It’s my fault for letting her stay up too late last night. What a mess. I stayed up too late myself, but got a power nap in after Missus came home and we wound up getting here to the house just after eight.

It’s a lot nicer than our rental last year, this one doesn’t seem like it’s about to fall into the ocean. It’s right on the ocean, a few houses down from a fishing pier. The full moon was rising over the ocean when we got here — we also saw a beautiful rainbow on the way here — and we’re right across the street from a froyo spot. It should be a lovely week.

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