Beach Week: Day 2

I’m sitting on the back deck, under the stars, well, at least a star. The weather is beautiful, despite a bit of rain earlier in the afternoon. The fam did some swimming this morning, we spent the hottest part of the day inside, and I took the girls out to eat for hibachi for dinner. Life is good.

I’m waiting for the moon to rise. Last night we had a beautiful full moon, and I’m hoping to get a glimpse of it again as it rises over the Atlantic.

I cycled my Perps today. This week’s gain was about eleven hundred dollars, almost evenly split between ETH and BTC. I was feeling FOMO since we had a bit of a dip, and 4x’d the proceed. Rates are still pretty flat right now, but we’re back at $49.5k, so who am I to complain?

I had a long conversation with Sasuke from YGG about investing in some Axie scholars. It’s only $2400 but I’ve got a bit of anxiety about it because my liquid cash is thin, but it seems like a no brainer opportunity. 300-400%. He said he’s making several thousand dollars a day; he must have close to half a million invested among several hundred scholars. I’ve been trying to get the Filipino members of the clan interested, but still no takers.

Nonetheless, there’s still a lot of opportunities for me once the girls go back to school and I decided that I want to do something. For now, I don’t.

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