Beach Week: Day 3

A much more subdued day it has been. I might have overdone it a bit last night, but I slept in a bit.

I’ve been using my new BlockFi credit card while we’ve been on vacation. I’ve used it several times the last few days, but yesterday I handed it to a clerk and they noticed the Bitcoin symbol on it. They said it was the first one they’d seen. We would have had a longer conversation but we were coming back from dinner with the girls, so I didn’t have time to talk. I planning on going back there to have a longer conversation with them.

Spent some more time at the beach. Busted my ass on a skimboard this morning, literally fell on my butt and hurt my back, but it’s more a dull ache and no longer sending stabbing pains when I shift around. We took the kids out out shopping for candy and let them sit around watching TV all day. Elder missed both of her Galileo meetings. We managed to get back out for some beach time this afternoon during low tide and did some boogie boarding. I’m thinking about renting a surfboard. In some fifteen years of beach weeks with Missus’s family, this is probably the best weather we’ve seen.

Perp funding is absolutely garbage. Bitcoin hit $50k and dumped, and I’ve made less than a hundred dollars the past two days. It might have something to do with Binance announcing KYC, but it could just be that everyone’s bullish AF and expects things to pump from here. Hopefully we’ll see more consolidation and I can actually make some money.

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