Beach Week: Day 5

Yes, I missed a goddamn post last night, breaking a streak that has lasted for months. I started drinking early in the afternoon and just plain forgot to do it. Wound up watching Contact and playing spades until late in the night with the FIL, his wife, and Missus’s nephew. What a waste.

Today has been pretty chill. I got my Star Atlas posters all settled up for the snapshot, and they released their teaser trailer.

Unfortunately, due to a bug with the DaoHaus UI, our funding proposal got rounded up when we hit the MAX button, so the proposal itself failed. Now I have to way another nine days to get the funds disbursed, which I believe will be too late for the IEO. So that sucked.

We didn’t hit up the beach until mid-afternoon. Watched The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Stupid, but funny. Now everyone’s on their screens, I’m cooking a pizza. Everyone is going to bed early tonight.

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