Trading notes

Today has actually been a welcome contrast to yesterday. Elder woke up this morning and told me that she was going to do everything I say so that she could “reap the rewards”. So far she’s been living up to it. She’s played the piano several times — she’s working on the hook for I’ll Be There as part of her Playground Sessions bootcamp, she washed some dishes that I left out this morning, and she’s been fairly enthusiastic about her Galileo clubs. Parenting on days like this is pretty easy.

Meanwhile, my Perp.Fi positions are holding up, and I’m getting really tempted to pull some margin and add to my longs here. Probably just a weeks worth of funding at 1x, that should allow me to build my nominal position without raising my liquidation price too much. ETH is going to be the cake here. My ETH long has one third the capital at one half the nominal position; the funding is higher, APY-wise, but I’m still making better gains off of the BTC position because of the nominal size. I’m just watching this potential rising wedge for a potential pullback before I act.

I’m trying to be careful to not do too much with this, I’m still wary of a bit pullback that might put me at liquidation risk. I’m at 2.6x for ETH and only 1.6x for BTC, which isn’t too bad right now, but it was only two weeks ago that I was losing sleep because I feared I was about to get wiped out. I suppose I should sit back and wait for a clear trend confirmation before I go crazy. A close above $2600 should do it, but I don’t think I’m going to wait. I added to my margin three times to avoid liquidation, I think I’m going to pull one of those and add it back at 1x to see how that affects my position. The reward should be about an extra $5/day, while the change to my overall leverage and liquidation price shouldn’t move much at all.