Daddy daughter day

Today was Younger’s quarterly board meeting, a habit I picked up from the Business of Family podcast. We started out in the mid-afternoon at Dairy Queen, then I drove out to a park to let her run around in a wooded playground. I wanted to keep out of the sun, but we spent about five minutes there before she told me she wanted to go to the beach. And since it was her day, off we went. We ran back to the house to collect our things and slather on some sunscreen, then we spent an hour or two in the beach. She was pretty cute, with her hat, goggles, and floaties. We had a pretty good time, at least until I got a bit rambunctious throwing her up in the air and she swallowed too much water. We finished the day up by running by McD’s so she could get a Happy Meal.

That was the main part of my day, anyways. I went to bed early last night to get an early start staining the deck, but it rained last night so that was off. I worked out instead and let the kids have some screen time before they went to church. Missus slept in. I compounded my Perpetual positions, taking out my weekly funding profits and pumping my positions a bit higher. 2x on BTC, 4x on ETH. I also have a smal CREAM position that is at 1x, so added a few dollars at 10x to start scaling that up. My profits for the last week was about $630, a few dollars more than the week before. Not bad for (mostly) passive income. Now we just need to see if I can avoid liquidation.

And I finally started staining the deck this afternoon, after we got back from the beach. I’ve had the sprayer sitting in my garage for ages, and I managed to put down a coat on the lower part of the deck, spraying as close to the hot tub as I could manage. I’ve got to mask it up and do it again later this week to finish the first coat, then comes the challenge of doing the top section. It’s going to be a lot more work than I anticipated. The steps and railing are falling apart, most of the wood needs to be replaced, and I’m going to have to mask everything around the house. Not to mention moving all of the furniture and plants that we have on the deck. Doing it by myself is proving a bit overwhelming, but it’s not like I don’t have the time.

I was actually unsure of what to do with myself earlier, while the kids were gone, so I wound up working on some holes in the walls — my plaster patching skills are not great — and also started scraping paint off the back exit door. The wood is decaying so I need to try and salvage it and avoid having to replace the entire door.

So yea, I was pretty busy today, and am totally exhausted. And I’ve got a little girl who wants her daddy to finish her day with a story in bed.