Cleaning day

Today was our monthly cleaning day, four hours of scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, and deep cleaning of the house. The kids were mostly useless, most likely a result of us letting them stay up way to late last night to party. Rookie mistake. I managed to get the kitchen and foyer done, then attacked the mess we call a living room. Kids toys and clothes everywhere. I think I threw out two bags of trash from there, as well as a small box of things that we dropped off at the Goodwill store.

For their “reward” we took the girls to a buffett. I found a new Chinese place across town on Google Maps, but it was actually a takeout joint, so we went to Golden Corral. We had a decent time there the last time we went, but I don’t think I want to go back there anytime soon. I wasn’t even really hungry, but I stuffed my face, and all the girls wanted to eat was carbs. It took an act of congress to get the two of them to eat anything with protein. I swear my kids are such picky eaters it’s driving me crazy.

I’m really understating how atrocious Younger’s behavior has been lately. I think it’s because her best friend has been out of town and she has no one her age to play with. (They should be back tomorrow.)

We have an orchid that we received as a gift over two years ago. This thing has been knocked out off it’s pot so many times, either by the girls or the cats, and Missus managed not only to keep this thing alive, but actually got it to bud. Five of them in fact. Two have bloomed the past couple days, and I took a picture and sent it to the friend that gave it to us. I hadn’t talked to him in ages, so it was good to catch up. Earlier today, Missus discovered that someone had take a pair of scissors to the orchid and cut the stem right in half. Missus was severely disappointed.

Both the girls denied it of course, and I had them both crying after I accused them each in turn of doing it. We’re fairly certain that it was Younger. She loves cutting wildflowers, and also has a tendency to break stuff or destroy it when she’s mad: drawing on walls, scratching things up and so forth.

So it was pretty much a shitty day, all said. That’s the punishment we get for letting things get wild. No more, no good comes of it with these kids. We stick to the schedule from no on.