Evening pages

Today was almost a routine day. A bit late to sleep last night led to me sleeping in, but I still managed to get in a workout and a few hours of deep work. Worked out in the yard and continued prepping to stain the deck. Made a big dinner and am just enjoying a minute alone while the girls take baths and get ready for bed.

I finished an Exercism today, and it was one that I felt some satisfaction from as I though my solution was a better than most of the more recent ones that had been posted. It wasn’t quite as clever as some, but I feel pretty proud as I was able to do everything using iterators instead of some kludgy imperative match clauses that seemed to be the standard way of doing it. Btrees seemed to be the idiomatic way of doing it, so I’ve still got a lot to learn. I’m progressing though.

Elder did an arts and crafts club through Galileo, and I dare say she enjoyed it. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for her as she has three clubs tomorrow, one student led, but I think it’s working out for her so far. Her mood was a bit more back to baseline today — more defiant — but I think it’s working out. Younger has been a bit harder to deal with, but I think it’s because she got up before everyone else this morning and was watching TV before I even came downstairs.

The crypto markets are coiling. Everyone is expecting a huge move, fussing over every little move and S/R level. I’m just chilling, keeping an eye on my funding levels. The best income seems to be overnight, but it might just be because it’s the only extended duration when I’m not checking the price hourly.