Lost day

Well I didn’t get out of bed until after eleven this morning, so I must have had a good night last night. I drank half a bottle of Monkey Shoulder and played Neverwinter with Elder till after 11:30, Missus was not happy about that latter part. I still beat her up out of bed this morning – she was sleeping in Younger’s bed. The girls had been up watching TV for several hours.

We watched Black Widow, which was not very good, I must say, and I took Younger out to the park and to the store. Otherwise that’s about all that happened today. I didn’t get anything done.

I just wanted to get my words in today before I go climb into bed, it’s only 9:30 but I’m already tired. I’m going to read until I’m sure the kids are asleep then I’m OUT. I’m hoping I can wake up early, get a run in, and get some yard work done and take next steps on staining the deck.

The girls will be going to church tomorrow. The church bus driver knocked on our door this morning to ask if Younger wanted to come, and Missus didn’t feel good about her going on her own so we’re bribing Elder to go with and keep an eye on her. The neighbors, who they’ve been going with, are out of town for the week, so they’ll be on their own.

It’s also going to be hard with Younger’s playmate gone all next week, but we’ll have to do. They’re so much easier when they have their friends around. I guess I’m going to be getting all the extra attention myself. Joy.