One day

Well if there was any doubt about whether the bull market was over, the last ten days should have squashed that definitively. BTC is up $10k since then, and just busted definitively through the 41K mark. I was checking the options markets earlier today and had tried to sell a couple 40k contracts, but my asks were underbid and didn’t fill, so I cancelled them. Right before expiry, the price hit 40k, and has since blasted through 41k. ETH is above 2400, so all of my Perpetuals are in profit now. Funding payments for this week have set a new record for me, and we’ve still got two more days to go this week. Things are looking good.

Today was better, I suppose. I got up at six, did a decent workout, and managed to get some work done this morning, working on Rust, trying to figure out how to do sorting with hashmaps. The trick apparently is to use vectors, and enums when the elements are heterogenous. It’s very frustrating trying to solve these Exercisms without peeking ahead at the solutions, but I’m hoping that it’ll help me focus.

I didn’t get much done this afternoon because of the kids, both of whom decided to throw minor fits at various points during the day. My response was better, I didn’t lose my temper, and managed to center myself. I’m still not that great at de-escalating, that’s going to take more work.

Tomorrow is Missus and my twelfth wedding anniversary. We’re taking the kids to my sister in law’s and going to an amusement park for rides and a beer fest. Tonight I’m going to try to go to bed at a decent hour and not stay up drinking. I’d like to go for a run tomorrow, but I picked up a sixer and part of me knows that’s not going to happen.

I’m going to go chill and play video games. Part of me is tempted to buy a Codecademy subscription and start working on more React projects. Part of me knows that’s not going to happen either, for the same reason that I haven’t bought the Whoop yet. It’s too expensive given my current cash situation. I’ve got a few hundred dollars in my Fold card, and enough cash in my SoFi account to pay off my current credit card bills and pay rent next month. Everything else is going to have to wait until I can pull funds out of my Perpetuals on Sunday. Pulling USDC from there on XDAI, over to ETH then to an exchange and ACH back to my bank is going to be a pain in the ass. Not to mention Fold requires another ACH transfer. There’s no direct crypto deposits. Otherwise I’m waiting on BlockFi or Gemini to get their cards together, but that could be months.

The other option is just to pull out some of my existing USDC yield farms first, drain the Perpetuals once a month or so. I need to think about it. I’m hoping that I’ll have enough to put my cash into Alchemix and take a loan out to pay off my expenses. That would be ideal, but I don’t think I’m going to generate the income necessary to be able to do that. Maybe once BTC hits six figures and I’m ready to pay off my student loans.

We’ll see.