Kludging along

The markets continue their free-fall; I remain convinced that we’ve only got to get through July before things start taking off in the opposite direction. I continue to mull over increasing my Perp.Fi position to make sure that I am generating sufficient income to maintain my current employment status, but protocol risk worries me. I may have to consider Nexus Mutual coverage, but I don’t know that they’ve ever had to pay out on a policy.

I’m up early this morning because Younger came to the bed last night and started doing her signature feet-flop maneuver, so I’ve already been quite productive already and got in my workout that I neglected yesterday. Most of the aches and pains I’ve had for the past few days are completely gone.

I knocked out a couple podcasts this morning and did some reading. Every time I hear Balaji Srinivasan do an interview I feel like I should be taking notes. This guy is so far ahead of everyone in the long game that it’s completely amazing. I don’t know how he does it.

I’ve got a few household things to do this morning before I get down to work. I want to focus on Rust today. The Exercism track is pretty challenging. A lot of it comes down to the actual algorithms themselves, I’m working on one now where I’m supposed to implement the Sieve of Eratosthenes. I’ve been keeping myself from peeking ahead at submitted solutions to strengthen my resolve, but this one was kicking my butt the other day. I can usually come up with a solution that is test complete, but it’s usually in some horrible imperative style that is completely un-axiomatic. I’m trying to do more using Rust’s functional style, but I’m having a hard time chaining functions in these elegant, concise programs. I spend a few hours coding out these cludgy things that are test complete, and once I’ve completed it I’ll take a look at the solutions. Usually it’s someone who managed to do what I accomplished in a couple dozen lines of if clauses in one map( ).filter( ) line. And the borrow system is… a bit difficult. But I keep pounding at the keyboard and moving forward. I think by the time September gets here I’ll be pretty far into it, and will have a good base in case I do need to go back to work.