Daddy daycare

I tell my kids to go out and play, they bring their friends over and play inside. I didn’t care much, but Younger was not behaving and made it very difficult to get work done. I managed some work with React in the morning, and Rust in the evening, but I didn’t get too much done otherwise.

The Rust Exercism that I’m working on is to build a bowling game simulator, just to keep score. The logic of frame scoring is proving a little bit harder to suss out than I imagined initially. I’ve taken a habit that I picked up from some TDD videos, mainly to do the bare minimum necessary to pass the test. So if a test for a function expects a certain result, then I hard code that result. Then, when the next test expects a different result — say for a boolean — then I’ll go and implement the bare minimum logic necessary to return the proper results in those to cases. It’s been working ok for me, but in with this bowling exercise it’s been a bit more difficult. Trying to figure out the proper data structure to help me compute the scores for frames with splits and strikes is hurting my brain. Or maybe it was being interrupted by kids fighting every five minutes. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some actual deep work done.

Trying to keep the kids “in school” over the summer is proving a bit harder to manage, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. Elder seems to be more interested in playing video games on her laptop than she is at paying attention during her Galileo clubs, but I think I should just let it go. She’s making progress with her ‘magazine’ article on weaving, and we bought some more supplies that she wants to use to make potholders, bracelets, or door-hangers. She wants to sell them at a community yard sale, so we’ve been going over the numbers to figure out what her costs would be and how many she’d need to sell to recoup them. We bought $10 worth of polyester loops today so she can make some more that we might figure out how long it would take her to make her inventory. When I told her that she needed to sell a cotton potholder for $10 she scoffed. (I’ve been spending a bit of time on Etsy…)

I’ve been pulling twelve hour days, it seems. Probably longer than that, actually. I’ve been so tired lately that I’ve been turning in before 10PM. It’s mostly a combination of physical activity and waking up earlier. I got up early enough today that I was able to meditate and workout before the girls woke up, I even added two additional exercises into my arm routine.

Missus came home early from work today and went straight to bed, she’s been fighting something, so I’ve been my fair share with the kids in the afternoon. I took them out to the playground with their friends after dinner tonight to give them their evening activity, then cut the grass. I also spend a good half hour scraping paint off the back door in preparation to repaint it. I couldn’t spray the deck today as it rained again and I was worried that it was going to do more.

There’s a bit more news, about RVs and theme parks that I’d jot down, but I promised the girls I’d be upstairs to put them to bed. Until tomorrow.

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