I’ve felt a bit of ennui today, I’m not really sure why. Then again, that’s probably why I would call it ennui and not something else. I stayed up a bit later than I have been lately reading REAMDE, told myself I was going to take a break from all the running I’ve been doing. I still wound up trying to do some modified pull ups just to do something. I took the girls on an ill-fated three mile bike ride during the hottest part of the day. After lunch it rained and then we setup the wading pool for a bit of a splash. Then they went to church club while I watched Great Courses piano videos.

I finished the CodeCademy React course, but it was kind of anticlimactic. I looked around at all of the modules that they had available, full stack developer and all that stuff. I think that might have contributed to my mood. So much to learn, but I couldn’t bring myself to distract myself further, now I have no excuse but to bury my head and figure out the Web3 stuff that I’ve been procrastinating over. But that’s tomorrow. I worked on a new Rust Exercism and beat my head up for an hour trying to figure out how to manipulate hashmaps and got soundly rejected by Rust’s borrow system. That probably didn’t help either.

I spent the rest of the day reading, or trying to, and then when the kids left I watched an hour program on Bach’s Goldberg Variations. It was actually quite interesting. Then I started watching another program on Mental Math. I thought it was very interesting and I want to go back and watch it with Elder. There’s probably some lessons in there for Younger in there. Drill, baby, drill.

In general I just felt low energy. I joked to Missus that I had low-T. I was really hyper sexed last week. (Dreams were crazy), but now I feel like I’m at a nadir. Not a good sign considering that our twelfth wedding anniversary is coming up Saturday. The traditional gift is silk, but it looks like we’ve wound up buying each other season’s passes to the local amusement park. We’ve got a date there without the kids, to do a beer tour and see fireworks. It should be fun.

Missus asked me what was wrong earlier, and I told her nothing. Like literally nothing was wrong. Everything was great. I had no worries. Just the constant struggle of dealing with the kids. I think it was just coming off a bit of a high from last week, busting my ass working out and getting things done. I needed a break. It just happened to come today.

I’ve put several thousand dollars into my Perpetual positions. The grand of BTC that I sold for tax harvesting and put into a leveraged position on Monday, and another thirteen hundred ETH that I sold to get in on the YGG sale that most people missed out on. My funding it actually trending really good this week, close to what my take home pay was two months ago. And as far as goals go, making my salary passively is a pretty damn good one to meet. And this is with Bitcoin at 40K. I did some math to see what that might look like when BTC hits six figures, ETH five. I’ll make double my previous annual salary, or if the funding turns positive I’ll be able to take enough gains that the house and the student loans will get paid off. I have to beware the black swan though.

And myself.

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