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Today seemed like it might be a new typical day. I turned early last night and got up around six, set a new personal best for a run (2.7 miles) and did some yard work before anyone work up. I guess the books I’m reading are helping; several volumes on neuroplasticity, Limitless-type of stuff. Elder had several did her Galileo work and I managed to get Younger to do some dad-school as well. And I managed to get some deep work done working on GraphQL stuff and React.

Missus came home a bit early from work as she wasn’t feeling well. We’ve all had a mild bit of sore throat. She was “exposed” to COVID at work, possibly delta, so of course we’re paranoid about symptoms and the like. My take it that it could be, regardless of whether we’re feeling typical symptoms, but at this point I just don’t care. I’m not wearing a mask any more.

The girls had a playmate come by this afternoon, so I let them play video games until the yard was in shade, then they played in the pool while I heated up some dinner. Then I cut the grass. I am exhausted. Missus is trying to put the girls to bed right now but I’m just ready to have a couple more beers and pass out for the day.

Missus and I are rearing up on our twelfth anniversary later this month. The traditional gift is silk, but we both have kimonos that we haven’t worn in years, and I’ll be damned if I’m buying silk sheets when we’ve still got kids peeing in our bed at night. I’d like to get her an Oora Ring as her sleep seems to be the most important thing for her health, but they’re three hundred bucks and that’d be way more than anything we normally get each other. Mainly I just want a fitness tracker, but I have no idea which one. An Apple Watch, probably, but it’s probably too pricey for me.

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